Fume Extraction Fans

TPE have built and supplied bespoke fume extraction systems for clients throughout Australasia for over 30 years. Critical to the success and reliability of these systems is the extraction fan, it's construction, and it's performance specifications. TPE have sort to retain their position a market leader in plastic fan technology, consequently we are pleased to be the NZ distributor for Colasit® extraction fans.

Colasit® Fans

Since its foundation in 1944, Colasit® has become one of the leading providers of industrial fans made of various corrosion-resistant plastics. Over 200'000 Colasit® fan units are in use globally, ensuring better air quality in many industrial plants and laboratories.

Features include:

  • Manufactured from plastics highly resistant to chemical, abrasive and explosive environments (PP, PPs, PPs-el, PVDF, PVC, PE)
  • Direct drive or fan belt drive
  • Standard, gas and water tight hub gasket systems
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Super low noise levels combine with optimised energy efficiency specifications
  • Components manufactured in Switzerland and assembled at TPE.

For more information about Colasit fans please visit their website.

Colasit Extraction Fan
Colasit Extraction Fan

TPE Industrial Wet Scrubber with a Colasit® CMVECO 400 , 2400l/s @800pa

Brinkmann® Fans

TPE previously supplied Brinkmann® fans for many years and will continue to support the product range where appropriate.

For further information:

Brinkmann® DD315mm PVC Centrifugal Extraction Fan