Fume Cupboard Controllers

The Advanced Air® CAV Controller

Our CAV (constant air volume) controller provides State-of-the-art fume cupboard management. The Controller monitors air flow, temperature and electrical faults to provide a safe working environment for the user. The backlit LED control panel display is designed to be easy to use. Complies to ASNZS224.8 (2014)

EcoAir® lll (VAV) Fume Cupboard Controller

Our Ecoair® VAV (variable air volume) fume cupboard monitors flow and sash position and continually adjusts the fan speed to maintain a constant face velocity accordingly. By extracting only the air required to maintain operator safety, large savings can be made on the heating/cooling of replacement air compared to CAV controllers.

All TPE controllers comply with AS/NZS 2243.8 (2014).

Add further energy savings with our Ecosash® autosash closer.

Fume cupboard controller
Fume cupboard controller