Energy Saving Systems

Ecosash Fume Cupboard Auto Closure System

Ecosash reduces laboratory energy by up to 70%

Ecosash™ automatically lowers the fume cupboard sash when the operator is not in front of the fume cupboard. This reduces airflow consumption, for substantial energy savings.

For example, if 10 sashes could be closed for 40% of any eight-hour period, you will save over 70% air volume. Less laboratory air needs to be heated or cooled, and less energy is used by air extraction systems.

Standard fume cupboards use a lot of energy. Ecosash™ energy savings have an estimated payback time of less than 18 months.

Ecosash™ also improves fume containment, enhancing operator and laboratory safety. An in-built safety sensor detects any obstruction hazard and stops the sash closing, avoiding accidents.

The system is easy to install and is also quickly retrofitted to most popular brands of fume cupboard/fume hood.

  • Can be easily retrofitted to most popular brands of fume cupboards and fume hoods.
  • Automatic lowering of the sash when fume cupboard is not in use.
  • Reduces air flow - saves energy - saves money.
  • Improves fume containment - enhances operator and laboratory safety.
  • Built in safety sensor - sash senses any obstruction hazard and prevents accidents.
  • Easy to install - suits most brands of VAV type fume cupboards and fume hoods.
  • Easy to retrofit to existing fume hoods.
  • User friendly - easy to programme sash lowering rules.

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