Sustainable Energy Savings

Fume cupboards are high-energy consumers in laboratories throughout the world. Continuous air movement through the laboratory is critical for providing a totally safe working environment for lab technicians, scientists, students and tutors. Combined with the need to ensure the laboratory environment is maintained at a regular and optimum temperature, the constant exhausting of conditioned air can consume vast amounts of energy.

With the objective of creating more sustainable laboratory environments, TPE offers the Ecoair® VAV fume cupboard controller, Ecosash® Energy Savings Technology and Advanced Air® Heat Exchanger System.

TPE's Variable Air Volume Fume Cupboard continually monitors the sash position, and adjusts the fan speed to maintain a safe face velocity to suit the sash height. As a result, TPE's EcoAir® VAV fume cupboard exhausts less air than a standard fume cupboard and does so operating more quietly and saving air conditioning costs.

TPE's Ecosash® automatically lowers the sash of unoccupied fume cupboards, reducing the unnecessary exhaust of conditioned air. Energy consumption savings of 40 percent or more may be made when your laboratory is designed and built to this optimal design standard. In most instances with an existing facility the Ecosash® can be retrofitted to existing fume cupboard systems. Equally, the Ecosash® is designed to fit a wide range of fume cupboard configurations.

The Advanced Air® Heat Exchanger System saves energy by transferring up to 60% of the heat from exhaust air to the incoming air. Pre-conditioning the incoming air through the Advanced Air® Heat Exchanger means that the cost of heat/cooling the air through the Air Handling Unit is reduced greatly.

There are a number of strategies for reducing this energy cost, and Thermoplastic Engineering Ltd. has been in the foreground of each new innovation.