About Us

At Thermoplastic Engineering Limited (TPE), we have been successfully manufacturing in rigid plastics for over 30 years. We're a private company, headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand.

We have gained an international reputation for our design and manufacture of Advanced Air®, a range that includes fume cupboards, fume extraction fans, fume scrubbing systems, and specialised forensics products. We're also highly regarded for Labzone®, a range of laboratory furniture, chemical storage cabinets, laboratory tapware, and specialty products.

Across our operations, we are committed to excellence in product design and quality control. We continually benchmark our products locally and internationally, and this confirms TPE rates amongst the leaders on design, product quality, safety, and price.

Our flexible and innovative approach has seen TPE become a dominant supplier to the New Zealand scientific and industrial laboratory markets. Our products are installed in laboratories of research institutions, universities, tertiary institutions, secondary schools, hospitals, the manufacturing sector, the dairy industry, and Police.